Review of Raise3D N2 3D Printer

As most of you know I teach high school engineering classes. While our main focus is on electronics, circuits and microcontrollers, we also dabble in other engineering areas. A few years ago I wanted to expand more into the mechanical domain. We ended up getting burned really bad by purchasing a Makerbot Replicator 3D printer. Bases on how bad that went, I have been very cautious about dipping my toe back into the 3D printer arena. Being a sucker for bleeding edge technology, I did bite the bullet and purchase another 3D printer last week. After a whole lot of research I got the Raise3D N2 plus printer. I have it up and running, and the bottom line is that I believe this printer is a real winner, and is ready for prime time. My full review is in the video below:

To incorporate new technology into the classroom, the technology must be mature enough that you can count on it to work. If you are teaching a class on mechanical design, and the printer is down for weeks on end, the class becomes restless, and you have a pretty big problem on your hands. That is what happened when we got the Makerbot. The good news is that the Raise3D printer appears to be rock solid, and reliable enough to use in the classroom. I will be posting more tutorials and howto’s on this printer in the future, but for now, I will say I am impressed with everything I have seen in this printer. If you are interested in a rock solid 3D printer, I recommend the Raise3D, available at the link HERE. This is for the top of the line model which I have. Yes, it is a little on the pricy side, but like I say in the video, there is nothing more expensive than a cheap 3D printer. In my mind the Raise3D is worth every cent.

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  1. have you ever messed around with pyqt in python, for a nice GUI with your graphs or anything like that?

  2. Hi Paul,
    Just to say that I have been following your tutorial series for the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Python, Linux etc.
    I work at a Sixth Form College in the UK and I have recommended your videos to students and teachers alike. They are brilliant for making fast progress along a steep learning curve.
    A few years ago I procurred a 3D printer for the College and in general it produces good results (3D factories, Profi3DMaker). I’m now looking to get another (mainly for myself!) and am therefore interested in your opinion. Making the final choice is difficult without actually using or seeing the printer being used. Unbiased reviews are also difficult to come by. Now that you have used the raise3D N2 for a while do you still rate it? What is your view on the absence of a self-levelling function and do you have any experience of support from the manufacturer?
    Once again, thank you for the great tutorials and I look forward to seeing more in the future. Regards, Keith

    1. I still like the Raise3D N2 Plus. I do find that I have to tweak the bed offset from the nozzle. It determines position via a contact switch, and this method does not yield perfect initial offset, so I watch prints at the first layer to see if z-offset needs to be tweeked.

      It does produce beautiful prints. Bed leveling has not been an issue . . . comes with a level bed, and then just tweak z offset.


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