Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 2: Simple Introduction to Sketchup 3D Objects

In this video we continue our instruction on how to design in Sketchup 3D CAD Software. In this lesson, we take our first look at creating 3D objects in Sketchup. We do this by looking at a variety of ways to create a simple 3D cube. The key concept in using CAD software is to be deliberate and careful to mindfully set the position and dimension of an object when it is created.

This series of lessons is centered around simple 3D design for the intention of printing on a 3D printer. Our printer of choice is the Raise3D N2 printer, which can be purchased HERE.

2 thoughts on “Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 2: Simple Introduction to Sketchup 3D Objects”

  1. hiiiiiiii dear plz i want to ask u about stepper motors do you have any tutorials about these motors coding it hooking it up with arduino and its driver ??? i love ur tutorials and ur explanations very much

  2. Excellent diction, delivery, and technique. I’ve watched a lot of CAD tutorial videos over the past year trying to find a program I’m comfortable with, including SketchUp. What I really needed, and I have here, was a better tutor. Thank you for the series, very much appreciated.

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