Fond Memories of my East Africa Buddy Georgie. Perhaps one of the most charming children on earth!

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    1. Hi thush, i think already you may got the answer for your question. But still i thought to tell you the answer. Basically if you are an electronics known person then the ohms law will show you the answer. Ok follow the simple steps to find any wattage of the resistor it is applicable in all circuits.
      1. Note down the required current for the circuit. (In this case the minimum current required to drive the contrast circuit.)
      2. Note down the resistance value in case of fixed value.
      3. Then, the required wattage will be given by P=(i^2)*r
      p =power in watt
      i = current in amps
      r = Resistance in ohms.

      In leson 20 the pot may be less than 500mW

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