Arduino LCD Circuit

LCD Arduino

This diagram shows how to connect my LCD to the Arduino.

I am using the LCD that comes with the Sparkfun Inventor Kit and this diagram shows how it can be hooked to an Arduino.

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    1. The components are the standard ones with the sparkfun inventor kit. Most servos work the same, just be mindful of the color codes on the servo. Most LCD are very similar as well.

    2. The items are listed as follows
      – There is a potentiometer (The blue circle in a square)
      – A LCD Module (The green rectangle)
      – A Distance Sensor (The rectangle with two circles)
      – An Arduino Uno (At the top)
      – Some connecting wires

      I know this is really late, but I hope this can help someone out in the future.

    1. Any pot can be used. Since it is a voltage divider, the absolute magnitude of the pot does not matter. Any linear pot will work.

      1. Is it necessary to use that??
        If yes , where can I find one……
        I live in india I searched on ebay potentiometer but didn’t know which one to use plz help me select a cheap one for about 200 rs search on plzplzplz help me

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