9 thoughts on “LESSON 9: Ohm’s Law and Potentiometers”

  1. I don’t know why but I really love you, you are so sincere 🙂 thanks for the lessons and keep fighting with mosquitoes!

  2. Another great lesson Paul. Thanks for making sense of some of the theory of electronics.
    Are you planning on doing an electronics tutorial series? I’m sure it would be popular.

  3. and another great lesson. Your students must love and have you got that USB-cable sorted out yet. Get a swatter for those pesky mossies. Thanks for doing this

  4. Thank you for dedicating your time to me/us teaching C programming. I can follow your instructions very easy.

  5. Hi Paul
    Great tutorial, I’m following your videos and really impressed.
    Could you please explain the minus 6 of this video? I haven’t got the logic point.

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