Python with Arduino Lesson 14: Introduction to Xbee Radios and Wireless Communication

In the video lesson above, we introduce our next series of lessons, which will step you through using Xbee radios to allow your arduino projects to wirelessly communicate with your PC. The good news is that you already know how to communicate between your Arduino and the PC over the serial cable based on our previous lessons. Using Xbee radios is very similar, you just remove the cable. You are still communicating over the serial ports, so the coding remains virtually unchanged . . . you just have to configure and connect the radios. In order to do these lessons, you will need a pair of Series 1 (S1) Xbee Radios (you will need two). If you want longer range, and are willing to pay more, you can get the Seris 1 (S1) Xbee Pro Radios.

To program the radios, you will need a SparkFun USB Explorer.

The final equipment you need will be an Xbee Shield. The shield allows you to plug the Xbee radio into the Arduino.

9 thoughts on “Python with Arduino Lesson 14: Introduction to Xbee Radios and Wireless Communication”

  1. Hello Sir, Im Glad to learn about this Xbee Radio. And with my honest, would u like to share the code of this phyton-xbee project? Im really thankfull if you would like to share it. 🙂

    1. That is going to be hard to get that range from an Xbee product in my mind. 25 miles is going to require perfect line of site, and directional antenna on both sides.

  2. Superb set of tutorials. You’re an excellent instructor and I’m envious of your knowledge of Arduino and Python. Thank you for showing us how to use the Arduino etc. I’m also pleased to see that you are a Christian.


  3. Hi,
    Please share your thoughts wanted to connect python to arduino by using wireless bluetooth(e.g HC-06).

    do we need to install bluetooth on arduino and pc(or mobile) both to talk the ardunio and python.?


    1. I have not played around with bluetooth. I have not enjoyed how it performs on my phone and sound system, so on projects where I need wireless I either use wifi or xbee radios.

      1. Thanks Paul.
        Will need you help when somewhere reach at the connection b/w Mobile app and Arduino.

        Let you know..

  4. Hello,
    Thanks a lot for your lessons.
    Is it possible to use APC220 to determine the distance device equipped with?

    Best regards

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