Space Probe Instrument Package

I hope you all will stick with the Arduino lessons I am putting together. They will really lead to some pretty powerful things you can do.  Before too long, I will show you how to build an instrument package and send it to space. We have had two successful missions so far. The first one went to 90,000 feet, and the most recent one to 120,000 feet. Our instrument packages have live onboard telemetry and send dozens of channels of data back to the earth. On our last mission we maintained telemetry for over 70 miles. This video describes an overview of the electronics package and telemetry we designed and built for our space probe.

Here is some exciting footage from our mission as the space probe reached its maximum altitude.

3 thoughts on “Space Probe Instrument Package”

  1. the first video on the space probe instrument package does not seem to be available in the lesson or on youtube,

    is the video still available online?

    i am studying your info and training lessons so i can learn. i have desire to build a few various monitoring devices for my own personal use. such as weather monitoring, vehicle tracking, wind and solar system data tracking to an off-grid standalone system. also thinking about doing an energy monitor where i track power consumption in my house, water and power usage, and a thermostat to control an HVAC system to control Heating and Air-conditioning based on time of day, and inside/outside temperature and humidity.

    Your toptechboy site is very educational to me, as i am new to the arduino, raspberry pi and beaglebone black.

    please keep up on the Great Educational Tutorials and videos! You have doe a Great Job!!!
    Thanks for your time.


  2. Thank You very much for absolute beginners guide, its really really helpful. very nice and clear explanation, easy to understand.

    I’ve just started with Arduino.

    Thank You again.

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