Beaglebone Black LESSON 5: Blinking LEDs from GPIO Pins

This lesson shows a simple example of how to blink two LEDs from the GPIO pins on the Beaglebone Black. To get going, you will need to hook up the following circuit. (If you have not ordered your Beaglebone Black, you can get one HERE.)

Beaglebone Black LED Circuit
Circuit for Blinking LEDs from Beaglebone Black

Note that the Top LED is connected to Pin “P9_12” and the bottom LED is connected to Pin “P9_11”. We are using 330 ohm current limiting resistors.

The video lesson takes you through several examples of how to blink the LED. Watch the video, and do the examples. Then play around on your own and see what you can make the LEDs do.

5 thoughts on “Beaglebone Black LESSON 5: Blinking LEDs from GPIO Pins”

  1. Nice video Paul….I’m an older guy(retired) but I’m following along!
    I ‘m was an Electrical Design Engineer for Philips…I use to make test fixture from Microchip PIC u-Controllers, but have been doing remediation to please the FDA as of the last 5-6 years.
    So I’m finally getting back into the technical stuff…
    Thanks again…I’ll back watching!

  2. I’ve been following the videos to get started. I flashed my BBB with Angstrom, which didn’t have the Adafruit library, but it was simple enough to install it with python’s pip.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos. I love the help you are giving the beginners. Add to that the bible study and missions wok I just saw in the sidebar, what a great way to reach people. Thank you

  4. Hey Paul,

    Can you help me find the BBB online or offline simulator.
    As I found such for Arduino, which helped me a lot and hence I’m finding such for Beaglebone Black.

  5. Paul,

    Your videos are top quality! I’ve watched many on the internet but always come back to yours!

    Thank you

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