Fusion 360 LESSON 1: Introduction Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

In this lesson we start with the absolute basics to introduce you to Fusion 360. If you have failed in the past trying to learn autocad or other autodesk tools, this is the tutorial for you. I struggled for years to learn these CAD packages, so I go slow and explain things in detail. I hope you enjoy this lesson.

3 thoughts on “Fusion 360 LESSON 1: Introduction Tutorial for Absolute Beginners”

  1. Your description of the guy still on page one fits me, after long unimpressive study. At last I have the machine, kompas f3000, cutting 2500 x 1300 x 360, and can run the samples the maker illustrated when it was installed last week. The difficulty is in transferring only recently understood rhino 3d drawings of the pianos I make into a manipulable entity which I can lay flat and do flip machining, for example. If you say I need to make 25 ashtrays first, I’ll do it. But first I’ll go through your videos with slow comprehension dawning upon me. Wish me luck

    1. Paul, I just found your Youtube Video on Fusion 360. Your videos are very easy to understand and I have found them to be very helpful. I have been gathering parts to build a 3d printer. I am very interested in the 3d printer that is shown over your left shoulder. Is it home built, a kit or a commercial unit? if it is a kit do you sell the printed components?
      I have been investigating different designs and I like the style and function of this unit. It seems to be very solid .

  2. I can only thank you for your efforts to teach Fusion 360, because I would have died without learning it. I went through your tutorials until I lost some settings, without knowing what I did wrong. Please help me on this issue:
    if I draw a simple rectangle and then I push “D” to give it the right dimension, it does the resize, but it doesn’t show the dimension on the design, it remains an empty arrow.
    Please help me to fix this problem, so that I can go on with my learning. Thank you very much!!!

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