Comparison of Raspberry Pi Zero Model W and Onion Omega 2+

There is a lot happening in the Maker Space! We have just watched two new major releases of embedded microprocessor platforms . . . the Raspberry Pi Zero Model W and the Onion Omega 2+. Both these platforms are impressive in that they both offer a small package with onboard WiFi for $10.   This combination of features, price and size opens up  a new world of possibilities for compact, portable projects.

After reviewing both of these platforms, we choose the Raspberry Pi Zero model W as the platform we will be pursuing at this point. The video above gives a head to head comparison of the two platforms, and the rational behind our decision.

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  1. With due respect sir I want to learn how exactly a dc motor can be controlled(forward, backward,left and right) by a pc or laptop using a xbee S1 pro & howmany xbee shields are needed?

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