Raspberry Pi LESSON 33: Booting to the Graphical User Interface

If you have been following along in these lessons, we have been operating from the terminal window and the Linux command line. You have learned that you can simply and efficiently do whatever you want from the terminal window. Raspberry Pi does, however have a graphical interface. In this tutorial we show you how to boot in the graphical interface, and then how to find your way around.

3 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi LESSON 33: Booting to the Graphical User Interface”

  1. Hello Paul. I have followed your amazing lesson up to the point of connecting to the Pi to get the graphic interface. But then I realized that you are connecting with tightvnc client from PC.
    I dont recall that this was mentioned in this series of lessons. Then I recalled that you were talking about it in your series on Beaglebone lectures. So I did what you have done in the Beaglebone Linux I guess lesson 2. I have installed tightvnc server in Raspberry and all worked well. Thank you

  2. Really appreciate it Paul! I have a project at work and I am leaning on your videos to make it happen. Being a bit new to arduino, I now feel better in that, and soon to get a raspberry pi working. Will use your VNC to view it remotely.
    Great work!

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