Raspberry Pi LESSON 34: Installing Google Chrome on the Raspberry Pi

There is a version of Google Chrome that will run on the Raspberry Pi. I think it is much better than the default browser that comes on the Pi. The key is that the linux version on the Google Chrome download page will not run on the Pi. To get the version that does work, go to the terminal window and at the Linux command line on your Pi and type:

$ sudo apt-get install chromium-bsu

This will take a few minutes but it will install the browser. To find it once you have it installed, look under the menu button, and in the “internet” selection, and you should see “Chromium”. If you right click on it, you can then choose to have it show up on your desktop.

Play around with it, I think it is the best browser for the Pi.

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  1. Paul,
    Great series of tutorials. Keep up the good work!

    I installed the chromium version with the sudo apt-get install chromium as in your lesson 34. At first it was very snappy, as in the tutorial. However, my main use for the browsers is to play YouTube videos so I can watch things like your lessons and learn all I can about using the RPi’s.

    Unfortunately, when I checked to see if it could play YouTube videos, it gave me a banner window at the top saying missing plug in (Flash player). When I clicked install, the browser crashed and quit. Then when you try to reopen it, a window says it is still open and the process is running. Unfortunately, you have to reboot to get it to reopen. From that point on, the browser got slower and slower. It keeps running, even after you close it, and like all things google, has way more adds than other browsers (like on the left and right of your web page lessons. Of course Google does not have a pop-up ad blocker, so this browser is a royal pain.

    I had to competely remove and purge it, in order to get my Pi to run good again. It has some “lock file” that happens when the browser crashes, and these can accumlate. I still think I need to remove some, since according to the vassar college cs web site.

    Just search under ice_weasel_thinks_it_is_still_running. It also has this same problem, and they discuss both the problems, zombie processes, and lock files.

    Please help investigate this problem. A browser without a good YouTube player is no good. There is apparently a bunch of stuff out there, but I have not been able to find a satisfactory YouTube player. The YouTube player in the Epiphany browser is bogus and leave the big red play button in the middle of the screen and does not show the controls or let you scroll to a certain place in the video, etc.

    I just discovered your excellent tutorials and an a new user of the RPi’s in just the last couple of months. I first got a RPiB+ (not a 2) and it was so slow that I was not interested until the Pi2 came out in end of February. Once I saw how much better it performed, it made me get serious about spending time learning all I can about what can be done with the RPi2 and Arduino combinations. More on that in separate emails later.


  2. chromium is not chrome

    What Chrome Has and Chromium Doesn’t
    AAC, H.264, and MP3 Support: Chrome includes

    Adobe Flash (PPAPI): Chrome includes a sandboxed Pepper API (PPAPI) Flash plug-in

    Google Update:

    Security Sandbox (?): Google also notes that some Linux distributions may disable Chromium’s security sandbox

    Still the same?

  3. Hi Paul,

    Just leaving a comment to say thanks. Your lesson plans are fun to follow and I have wanted a different browser for a while. Chromium is pretty neat.

    Keep up the good work. I would love to see you put up a video for a weather station with the pi using a LCD screen. Something I could do with my 10 year old and 7 year old.



  4. Hello, thanks for this tutorial.
    My question is does chromium for Rasberry Pi support fullscreen mode? Like any regular modern browser.

  5. Doesnt work: See last comment on what to use
    Even did ‘sudo apt-get update’ and then reran ‘sudo apt-get install chromium’. See there is No CANDIDATE.
    Package chromium is not available, but is referred to by another package.
    This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source
    However the following packages replace it:
    chromium-inspector chromium-bsu

  6. Paul and all–
    Update on the RPi browsers. As of June 26, 2016, firefox-esr is available from the raspberry pi repository. sudo apt-get install firefox-esr . This very recently became available courtesy of Solydxk, which by the way, has released SolydX RPI Debian based operating system for the RPi, which you can download from their website.

    It is fast, plays YouTube videos fine, and also has all the standard add ons, in addition to the look, feel and customization rich features of firefox. The adblock plus extension is particularly good to get rid of the annoying ads. install it under the add-ons icon when you click on the 3 bar menu at the extreme right of the screen. Just search the extensions under adblock plus and it will come up. Simply click install.

    Also, since Paul’s video of June 3, 2015, the standard Epiphany browser that comes with the pi has been greatly improved by the raspberry pi foundation. It will now play you tube videos and is more stable than it used to be. It does not have the problems with the zombie processes and lock ups that the Chromium browser does, as mentioned in my post here on July 26, 2015. However the epiphany browser is still very feature crude compared to firefox-esr, and not near as usable for most purposes.

    Despite the improvements to the Epiphany browser, firefox-esr is definitely the way to go for the RPi3 or RPi2. My Rpi3’s are now very respectable and usable desktop machines to replace almost all windows functions, and in many cases, such as python, now superior. I have been waiting for this browser for about a year now, the lack of which has been one of the main limiting features of the Rpi’s! Finally!

    Paul– may I suggest you update your browser video to substitute firefox-esr with adblock plus install so that your video on the RPi browser is not obsolete.

    1. After problems with Chromium bsu I tried installing firefox esr as suggested by Richard Franklin and got ‘unable to locate package firefox-esr’

  7. Today (Mar 11) I did all of the above (via putty) and chromium did not appear in the internet tab.
    I then did it on the pi itself – nothing.
    I rebooted – nothing.
    Then I wondered if somehow it had been put it the wrong place and found Chromium B.S.U. in games and unfortunately it’s a game!!
    Is it just me, or has someone hijacked chromium-bsu?

  8. It did not download a browser at all. All it downloaded was a space shooter game.

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