Raspberry Pi LESSON 35: Install a Free Office Like Product on Raspberry Pi

Now that we are booting in the Graphical User Interface on the Raspberry Pi, we can explore some useful applications that will run on the Pi. LibreOffice is a free product that will do many of the things Microsoft Office does. This is a great addition to your Raspberry Pi. You can install this product by going to the terminal window, and at the command prompt on your Raspberry Pi type:

$ sudo apt-get install libreoffice

Now the new software should show up under your menu button. The video above steps you through some of the cool features of the product.

3 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi LESSON 35: Install a Free Office Like Product on Raspberry Pi”

  1. Thank you for doing these lessons. It’s really neat to learn from someone who’s avocation and vocation are the same.
    I really like VPython and would like to use it on the Raspberry pi. Can it be done? If so, how?

    Secondly, Do you plan to do a full lesson on the Arduino 9 Axis, 9 Degree of Freedom Inertial Measurement IMU (code included)?
    Also, Would please tell me what program you were using in the video?

    Thanks again

    1. Lee, thanks for the kind words. At some point I will try to do the 9-axis lesson in detail. The problem is that to do a 9-axis correctly, you really can not do the simple arcTan functions. You really need to run a full blown directional cosine matrix. a DCM is a lot of complicated math, and then a lot of programming. I really don’t know if I could explain it all in a simple enough way to make a good lesson.

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