Raspberry Pi Linux LESSON 13: Using Linux Pipes

Just as pipes are used in the real world to connect one tank to another, in Linux we can use pipes to connect one command to another. With a pipe, we can take the output of one command and “pipe” it to become the input of another command. Pipes are one of the really powerful techniques that can be used in Linux, and this video shows you how to use them.

2 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Linux LESSON 13: Using Linux Pipes”

  1. Hi Paul,
    Thank you for another informative lesson. You have a way of making a difficult subject look easy. Your lessons are also great for anybody wanting to refresh their Linux knowledge.

  2. Great short and simple videos! I already know a good bit of linux but it’s always useful remember stuff.

    I very often use pipes between the “ls” and “grep” command so I can know if some file/directory is present on a specific location

    ex: “ls -l | grep “

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