Raspberry Pi Linux LESSON 17: Find Your Raspberry Pi IP Address

We are going to start moving into techniques to remotely connect to the Raspberry Pi over a network. In order to do this you will need to know the IP address of the Raspberry Pi. This video lesson shows you how to use the “ifconfig” command to get your IP address.

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  2. Paul.
    Very much enjoy your teaching style and all your videos. Maybe if you get some time could you do a video on Xbees Series 2 API mode serial . I just can not get the process in my head. I am trying to remotely monitor Three digital switches, and a analog pressure sensor, and current sensor. Again thanks so much for the lessons!
    Dennis Sumner
    and Facebook

    1. I will admit that I have avoided the Xbee series three radios, as I have found them confusing. At the point you need a “network” I would much rather use ethernet . . . either ethernet shields or wifi on the arduinos and then use client/server setup with python back inside controlling things. This, I can understand. I never really understood the Xbee series 2, and hence that is why there are no tutorials from me on these.

  3. Hi Paul – Love the tutorials. I’m using Rpi 3 and when I type ifconfig rather than just getting the two “sections” eth0 & lo like you got, I also have a wlan0 section. I see you pulled the IP address from the eth) section right after the MAC address. The problem I’m having is that I only have an IPV6 address provided. I tried to ping that and linux gave me “unkown host”. Not sure what to do at this point.

    1. Okay, I sorted this out. In the wlan0 section when I first tried the IP address there linux said “icmp open socket: Operation not permitted”, so I used sudo before ping and it worked!

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