Raspberry Pi Linux LESSON 5: File Naming Convention for Files and Folders

Windows is pretty forgiving in how you name your files and folders. In Linux, you must remember that things are case sensitive, and you want to avoid using spaces in your file names and folder names. Also remember, that in linux folders are also called directories. This video shows three suitable naming conventions in Linux that allow the files names to be both descriptive and readable.

One thought on “Raspberry Pi Linux LESSON 5: File Naming Convention for Files and Folders”

  1. Hi. Enjoying your Linux tutorials. Thanks!
    I wanted to say that from the days of MS DOS, and later Windows, it is ingrained into us that hypens are never allowed in file/folder names, so those of us dating back that far learned to use underscores instead. Since I intend to remain working in MS environments as well as Linux, I would never use the 3rd recommended method, using hyphens. As a reference to teaching any young new students, who will go forth into the world of computing and likely be exposed to many platforms in their life, I personally would advise refraining from the use of hyphens in naming conventions, to align with more universally accepted methods.

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