Raspberry Pi with Linux LESSON 7: Using the Wildcard

In this lesson we learn how to use the Linux wildcard. The wildcard allows you to automate what would otherwise be tedious tasks. The wildcard is the * character. For example,  a command with *.txt would affect all files ending in .txt. Similarly, *.* would affect all files. You could also imagine dog*.txt would affect all files that start with “dog” and end with .txt. The video gives many examples of using the wildcard to simplify things.

3 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi with Linux LESSON 7: Using the Wildcard”

  1. Sir ! your classes are really good. I would like to ask a question that “As u said that $ represents to ready for command then what does this ~ means in commond window ?”

  2. I see in several videos you pronounce Linux as (Lie-nux) The I sound is short and pronounced (Lynn-ix). FYI

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