Raspberry Pi Zero Model W Tutorial: Setting Up and Booting the Pi 0 W


Raspberry Pi Model Zero
We are Excited to Get our Pi Zero Model W Up and Running

We have our Raspberry Pi Zero Model W booted up and running. Our interest is to run the device headless, but we must first discover our IP address. This lesson shows a simple tutorial on how to Boot the Pi Zero Model W, and get its IP address. Once you get the IP address, you will want to reserve that IP address for this device. You can do that through your wireless router, or if you are at work, talk to your Network Administrator. We plan to do a really cool project with this, so get your gear ordered now. The best deal we have found that has the two adapters you need can be ORDERED HERE.

This video takes you through setting up your Pi zero W step by step. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Zero Model W Tutorial: Setting Up and Booting the Pi 0 W”

  1. Paul,
    What OS are you using? When I used the full Raspbian Jessie it seemed like the Zero was operating very slowly. All that I tried however was the browser, so I guess it could have been my wi-fi connection. But the model 3 was up and running in the same location (in my house) and it was way faster that the Zero. Is it advisable to use Raspbian Lite on the Zero? What do you recommend?
    Thank you.

    1. I was using full raspian. It was a card from the Pi 3. Yes, if you boot to the desktop environment, it is sort of sluggish and you might benefit from using the lite version. For the stuff I am doing from the terminal window, does not seem to matter that much.

  2. hi…i am having pi zero w v1.1
    my board is not recognizing any usb devices(Mouse nor keyboard).
    i have successfully loaded the os into memory card and the interface is displayed on monitor..but the mouse cursor is not moving even after connecting a mouse.
    when i checked tge test pads i am getting a continuity between gnd and D+ pins
    please help in fixing the problem

  3. even after connecting the ouse and keyboard to the hub.. I couldn’t use it…. the mouse and keyboard remains stable on the screen….. help to connect my mouse and keyboard to the raspberry pi zero w…………………………….

    1. Check and make sure your power supply is supplying enough power. Pi can behave strangely if you do not have enough power to the Pi

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