Keys to a Successful Engineering Career LESSON 1: An Introduction

I am starting a new series of lessons which will teach you how to be a successful engineer. This first lesson is an intro to the series. We will be focusing on all stages of the process, starting with High School students who think they might be interested in pursuing a degree in engineering.

I am making this series because I am sick of listening to motivational speakers who have never done anything in their lives trying to charge you to teach you how to be successful. If you want to be successful listen to someone who has actually done something with their life. So, I was a successful engineer, and will tell you all my secrets. And by the way, it is all free. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Keys to a Successful Engineering Career LESSON 1: An Introduction”

  1. Paul, love your series, finding it very informative and interesting. I think the lessons on becoming an engineer, and the engineering field in general, should provide some inspiration to some of your students, and those following you site. Being a retired test engineer, for Naval ordnance systems, I can relate to a lot of the career aspects that you experienced through what appears to be an exciting career.

    1. Thanks for the comment David, and glad you enjoyed the video. Hope you will tune in to the remainder of the series as they are released.

  2. Wow, you inspired me Paul. You are the guru I’ve been looking for. I am from a country probably you have not heard before, a very small country down the Indian Ocean. It’s Mauritius, a beautiful island, a paradise.
    I am a computer science teacher, just new to robotics and I find your site interesting and look forward to learn from you.

  3. Nice to hear all about your career especially as you’ve had the sense to get out of the rat race (like me) and are enjoying doing something different but equally rewarding.

    With reference to Chris Gunnoo’s comment, I am from a country that you have probably not heard of before either, a very small country across the Atlantic. England 🙂

    1. Hi charlotte
      England is a great country. Some people from the states don’t know mauritius
      So what do you do in robotics?

  4. Hi Paul, I’m 43 year old, from Brasil, I’m so glad for discovered you Website, really valuable advices, I finish my college of Automation and Control last year, It’s amazing people like you, sharing knowlendge helpfull for us, briliant great master, thant you.

    *excuse me for my poor english, I will improve day by day.

  5. This is really great. I wish i got this information when i was in High School. Currently am a fresh graduate Software Engineer but this is really nice content that i currently find valuable to me for some concepts i missed. Paul Big thanks.

  6. Hii Paul sir. Thank you for such good lecture. I am from India. I am currently in final year . I am in electronics and telecommunications field. I liked your lecture because it tells lots about technologies and I really love technology. Hoping to learn lots of new stuff in master degree in USA.

  7. Hello Paul, I have no words to say what about you already have been doing in my life.
    great job.
    keep going.

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