Keys to a Successful Engineering Career LESSON 17: How to Deal With Difficult People

There are difficult people in all walks of life, but it seems like you run into a lot of them in an Engineering Career.  Hence, your career will be improved if you learn to work with people who are hard to work with. If you are the guy that can work with anyone, your career will have a distinct advantage. This video shows your tips and tricks to deal with difficult people.

2 thoughts on “Keys to a Successful Engineering Career LESSON 17: How to Deal With Difficult People”

  1. Hi Paul,
    I can definately say this works and thank them for their excellent advice…
    ..You do have to take care with the ‘your always right’ policy as you quite rightly say..especially with government leaders but I would rather have a more productive day than any of them. Your videos are great..any chance of a tech project to make an arduino or pi do something by texting it or some how using a phone to cause it to happen. There are gizmos to turn the heating on etc but are expensive. I reckon a stepper motor could adjust my thermostat and would love a little DIY home automation. Kind regards David.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      On the phone project, there are GSM modules that would allow arduino to communicate over cellular, but problem is you have to pay for a cellular service for your project. I am really not up for paying $50 a month for my little gizmo. So, I choose projects that do not generate a monthly fee.

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