Keys to a Successful Engineering Career LESSON 2: What High School Students Should Know

Key aspect of engineering success is to start early. Hence, this video is targeted to High School and Middle Schoolers. Getting a jump on things by developing good math and study habits will put you ahead of the crown. Also, you want to start developing your coding and troubleshooting skills as early as possible. This video should help you get your engineering career off to an early start by developing good habits early.

6 thoughts on “Keys to a Successful Engineering Career LESSON 2: What High School Students Should Know”

  1. Mr. McWhorter,

    I am an avid follower of your website. Your tutorial videos are inspiring on several levels. First, the “how to” technical content is excellent for their interesting, relevant technology topics and skills, and for the clarity of presentation. Second, you stress the theme of underlying principles that motivate the practical work and results. Third, it’s a revelation for others to see what one determined person can accomplish, especially to young people at an age when they might consider an engineering or scientific, or even other type of creative career. You teach them how to make a positive difference!

    One thing you might address in your current series (Successful Engineering Career) is the often difficult problem new engineering grads have figuring out which company or organization to work for. I would be interested to hear your career advice at some point for new engineers faced with choosing an employer. The wrong decisions at that juncture can have adverse consequences throughout a career.

    Thanks for all your fine work and advice.

    Tom G.

    1. Hello, Im 13 and a brazilian student, I have basic knologe of arduino i have seen most of your arduino classes and know I’m doing C++ course in EDX by Microsoft, what are your recomendations ?

  2. Dear Mr. McWhorter,

    As a parent I find it difficult to convince my son (in 8th grade) on the importance of learning mathematics and present in a manner that clearly exhibits his understanding and makes the teachers job of evaluating much easier. Your video is a boon to me. I will make him watch this today and also start teaching him a bit of physical computing using your tutorials to get him going.

    Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and all the amazing tutorials that you have created and shared for learners around the world.

    Thanks & Regards


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