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Raspberry Pi Linux LESSON 24: Running Python on the Raspberry Pi

If you have been following these lessons by this time you should be fairly comfortable with the Linux operating system, and you should know enough commands to do what you need to from the terminal window and command line. We now want to move forward to actually start doing things with the Pi. In order to do this, we will be using the Python programming language.

Raspberry Pi with Linux LESSON 7: Using the Wildcard

In this lesson we learn how to use the Linux wildcard. The wildcard allows you to automate what would otherwise be tedious tasks. The wildcard is the * character. For example,  a command with *.txt would affect all files ending in .txt. Similarly, *.* would affect all files. You could also imagine dog*.txt would affect all files that start with “dog” and end with .txt. The video gives many examples of using the wildcard to simplify things.