Keys to a Successful Engineering Career LESSON 4: How to Write a Good Resume

To have a successful engineering career you want to land that premium job. I mean, get the job everyone dreams of. To do that, you really need to have a good resume. In this lesson I give you the inside secrets to a winning resume. My advise includes things you will not hear anywhere else. I am telling you what you need to know from the perspective of an actual decision maker, not a success coach.

4 thoughts on “Keys to a Successful Engineering Career LESSON 4: How to Write a Good Resume”

  1. Hi Paul,

    I think your career tutorials offer excellent advice to engineers who are just starting out as well as folks in mid-career. A lot of what you say doesn’t get enough emphasis even though it’s important, so the tutorials are a genuine contribution.

    In addition to what you’ve covered already, it would be great to hear your thoughts on engineering entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is really the take-away theme of your website. As you demonstrate, with the availability of hundreds of open-source design tools, low-cost, high-performance computing hardware, free python, c++, and on and on – whatever any person can imagine, can become a reality. And capital is less of an impediment in the transformation from concept to product than in the past.

    All these readily available resources give engineers at all stages a power to innovate, on their own or in small collaborations, that didn’t exist all that long ago; and the trend is only accelerating.

    Over the long run I think the conventional protocols for tenders, proposals, contracts, etc. will start to break down, just because complicated government or corporate procedures are disincentives for individuals or small groups trying to do business, even though the small, agile entrepreneur could deliver better at lower cost. But there will still be the problems of standards, professional conduct, and intellectual property as individuals attempt to form perhaps looser commercial alliances that until now have been defined by rigid corporate/govt structures.

    Anyway, what is your advice for the present and coming generations of engineer-entrepreneurs with a better idea?

    Tom G.

  2. Tom thanks for the comment. I do hope to have videos later in this series on starting a company. All the points you make are good ones. Also, things like kickstarter open interesting possibilities.

  3. Hi Paul,
    I must commend you for opening my eyes and thinking outside the box. I have gone through your tutorial on how to write a good resume and everything you said is true to the letter.

    Now I have one question for you concerning resume writing on jobs which are advertised on newspapers as opposed to resumes which are submitted to a company through somebody who is know to the company. Your advise on how to write such kind of resume please.

    Have a good day and thank you for the wonderful job that you are doing.


    1. If they are advertising in the paper, then indeed they want someone. My suggestion is to send them the resume. Also, think if there is anyone in that company that you know that could put in a good word for you. Taking the resume and handing to them might be better than mailing if that is practical.

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