4 thoughts on “Learn Fusion 360 LESSON 10: Design and Print Herringbone Gears”

  1. Paul. Where were you when I was trying to learn maths (math). I am going through your tutorials one by one and find them very easy to follow and whats more it seems to be staying in my old 72 year old brain. I have used AutoCad from the 1990s when it ran on DOS. Then I went on a course for Mechanical Desktop. One of my projects that I have started is a barn door tracker for my astrophotography hobby. The mechanical side of the tracker is finished now, but seeing your tutorials on gears and hinges I could have made a much neater job. It will be run by a stepper motor driving a a nut through gearing on to a curved screwed rod. Now I am following your Arduino tutorials. Writing code or sketches was always an uphill struggle for me but now because of your tutorials all is becoming clear.
    Thank you for your clear methods of putting things across.

  2. Hi Paul.

    I’m writing this just to say Thanks, your videos are superb. Clearly you have a gift for teaching, but I can see there is also a lot of hard work involved.

    I am recommending your videos to all my friends, and not only to old blokes like me, also to our children.

    Greetings from Spain.

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