Learn Fusion 360 LESSON 11: Design Gear Box with Stacked Gears

In this tutorial we give step-by-step instructions on how to design stacked herringbone gears. We then assemble these gears into a gearbox. This can be repeated to create some very impressive gear ratios. The designs are suitable for 3d printers, and we have printed these gear boxes on both the Prusa and Raise3d printers.

4 thoughts on “Learn Fusion 360 LESSON 11: Design Gear Box with Stacked Gears”

  1. Hi,

    great tutorial, i really like it.

    Can you share the Fusion 360 files ? Thank you in advance and go ahead with this Videos.

    1. The reason I dont post the files for download is I really want people to learn how to create a design, not just use an existing one. Also, a lot of these examples I use in class, so dont want students copying and pasting my work.

  2. Hi Paul.

    This video is wonderful, thanks. But I think there is a little mistake at 03:15. You are writing down the root diameter of the first gear (25.695 mm) but instead you copy the “virtual teeth” value (26.173 mm).

    That could lead to the fitting problems you had when finally you printed the gearbox.

    Is a tiny problem and it doesn’t affect the quality of your teaching, great job! Thanks.

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