Python with Arduino LESSON 15: Configuring and Using the Xbee Radios

This lesson describes how to program the Xbee Series 1 radios. It will work with either the standard Series 1 (S1) or the Series 1 Pro models. The Pro radios are higher power and will give greater range, but they cost more. The radios are configured using X-CTU software, which can be downloaded here.  The video gives step by step instructions on how to configure and use the radios to communicate wirelessly over the serial port. Lesson 14 gives information on the hardware needed. Lessons 1-13 sill show you how to communicate between Python and Arduino if you need to get caught up on basic serial communication and interfacing arduino and python. The techniques provided in the video above, however, should work for just about any arduino project where you want to communicate between two arduinos, an arduino and PC, or between two PCs.

6 thoughts on “Python with Arduino LESSON 15: Configuring and Using the Xbee Radios”

  1. Hi Paul,
    Great videos, there are really helpful.
    I was wondering if you can help me with a similar project. I am using an arduino uno with BNO055 (I2C, 115k) module and it is working great with the python GUI. Now I was hoping to send the data over Bluetooth. I had already a Bluetooth shield (Blue fruit EZ-link). According to your video, I have to change only the COM#, however, I am getting nothing in python. any suggestions.

  2. Sir Im really wondering about ,at 20:40 in the video, how did you just open the serial monitor when xbee+explorer was hooked up to your computer. There was even nothing coded on your sketch when you open the serial port, and at least what i know is that its impossible to compile & run on xbee+explorer. I really want to know how to do it.

    Wanseok Yang

  3. With due respect sir,the wireless data transmission is fine but I want to learn how exactly the 5 v dc motor can be controlled(forward, backward,left and right) by a pc or laptop using a xbee S1 pro

  4. Sir, with all due respect i wish to know that, can xbee s1 / xbee s1 PRO be programmed when it is attached with an xbee shield and that shield is also attached to arduino uno??? Because sir in my country xbee usb explorer isn’t available in cheap.

    Looking for your advice sir

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