Python with Arduino LESSON 7: Installing Matplotlib for Graphing

In this video we provide step-by-step instructions on how to install Matplotlib. Hopefully you have been following our lessons, and have already installed Python 2.7, the 32 bit version. If you stay on the same path as me as far as libraries and software versions, all my tutorials should work easily for you. In order for matplotlib to work, you need to have the numpy library installed. In Python with Arduino LESSON 2 we installed the vPython library. If you installed the vPython library, you already have numpy, as that was part of the vPython installation. If you have not already installed vPython, you should review that lesson now and do that.

Now, to install matplotlib, go to this page:

If you are following my lessons and software versions, you will want to install this version, which should be towards the top of the page:

matplotlib-1.2.0.win32-py2.7.exe — Binary installer for 32-bit Windows, built using’s 2.7 and Numpy 1.6.2

When the file downloads, then click on it and then follow the simple installation instructions.

Once it is installed you can test things with this simple program, which should plot a sine wave.


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  1. Mac users: If you installed Python using Homebrew and one of the guides from my post in Lesson 2, you will collect more dividends here.

    ‘pip install matplotlib’ installed not only matplotlib, but all of its dependencies as well (numpy, pytz, pyparsing, etc). The advantages of the package management features in Homebrew are becoming more evident now.

  2. What ou can do with these is great and your tutorials are really clear… simply fantastic!
    Thanks a lot and keep going!

  3. Hello
    I got struck in this chapter i try o install matplotlib but show error i could not figure it out

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