Raspberry Pi Zero Model W Tutorial 2: Making a Wireless Portable IP Camera

Raspberry Pi Zero W Camera
Super Cool Portable Wireless streaming IP Camera

This is a super cool project where we build a concealable, portable, live streaming IP camera based on the Raspberry Pi Zero Model W, and the Raspberry Pi camera module. In order to do this lesson, you need to start with Lesson 1,  where we show you how to get the IP address of your Pi zero, and how to get it booted. For this project, you need a Raspberry Pi Zero Model W. If you do not have one, you can get the ESSENTIAL HARDWARE HERE.  In addition, you will need the Raspberry Pi  Camera, which you can GET HERE.  The Pi Zero needs a special Camera Cable, which you can get HERE.

That should be the equipment you need to this really fun project. When you are ready to go, the instructions are in the video below.

8 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Zero Model W Tutorial 2: Making a Wireless Portable IP Camera”

  1. Is this gonna be okay to use the power bank having a rating of 5.1 V and 2.1 amp output with RBPi 3 and RBPi Zero W?????

  2. Yes sir like you are using a usb power source, mine is also same but having the afforsaid output rating and I shall try to run the system with that usb power/battery system & thanks for the info.

  3. Great lesson. Making an order now for the cable. Is this streaming easily accessible from the internet?


    1. To do that, your Raspberry Pi would need a public IP address. To do that depends on what type of network you are on. That is beyond what I can really make a simple tutorial on, but might be something to do some research on.

  4. loved your tutorial (as always).

    If you buy an official pi zero case (about £6 in the UK), it comes with the camera cable.


  5. Is the OTG power source, called a “USB power pack” in the video, one of the many OTG chargers that are available for charging cell phones? I just want to confirm that this is the right power source for the Pi Zero.

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