3 thoughts on “Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 11: Use the Follow Me Tool to Design a PVC Elbow”

  1. hey hi,
    i have been following all your videos on rasberrypi 3..
    i connected my raspberry pi 3 to my lcd monitor and i booted it up properly.i connected to my wifi .i installed apache server,php and mysql..every thing gone well ..i typed my localhost ip adress on raspberrry pi desktop browser.i got the webpage. but when i tried to type same ip adress of raspberry pi on my mobile phone browseri ,it is not visible and where my phone also connected to same wifi ..i dont know whats the problem..on pi desktop its running fine but on mobile phone browser its not showing any webpage.
    i hope for a early reply from any one.

  2. Hi
    Love the arduino videos but they dont have what i’m looking for. Hope you can help point me in the right direction.

    I have a machine at work that uses punchcards to run 8 electric switches. I want to replace this with an arduino.
    I need to be able to punch in a long sequence of 8 numbers/ letters (to contol the relays) into the serial monitor and get it to repeat the sequence, stop and reverse in time with the machine. Setting up relays and sensors on the machine is easy. It’s the coding i’m stuck on , cant find any info at all on running sequences from just inputting somthing like (a b a b d c d c g c g b d ) But i have only just started (:

  3. Hi

    I am looking to develop something that can monitor the electricity usage by connecting raspberry pi with the electricity board. What extra things do you think i need to complete this task. Thanks.

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