Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 4: Simple 3d Design Example for 3D Printing

In this lesson we continue to build our design skills by creating a 3D widget in sketchup to print on our 3D printer. Also, if you are following along, you really need to get a nice set of digital calipers for testing dimensions and tolerances of your design you can get a good pair here:


2 thoughts on “Sketchup Tutorial LESSON 4: Simple 3d Design Example for 3D Printing”

  1. Hi Mr. Paul,
    Great tutorial, as usual….
    May I suggest making/printing two of the models you have described and then, since they are simetrical, you could check the precision (roughly) if the parts can be paired/fitted together….
    fit –> hole to extrusion and slot –> to extrusion….
    I know you need some tolerances on the hole/extrusion but I guess that’s what all the precision is about. Maybe we’ll be seeing more of that in some future tutorials.

    Again, thank you and keep up the great work!

    Sincerely, Vladimir

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