Space Cowboys Take Delivery of New HAMbulance

Sheriff David Doran Presents the Space Cowboys with the Keys to their new Chase Vehicle

The Eldorado Space Cowboys scored a major Coup last week when they acquired a new chase vehicle for their space program. In the past, the students chased and recovered their probes using a school suburban. Since these vehicles are multi-use, they had to install any equipment the day before launch, and then remove it the day after launch. This greatly reduced the amount of high tech gear that could be incorporated into chase and recovery operations.

This will no longer be an issue, as Schleicher County Sheriff David Doran has provided the team with their very own chase vehicle. The vehicle formerly served as the Schleicher County Command and Control Center, so it is already decked out with high tech surveillance and communication gear. The Space Cowboys will now equip the vehicle with equipment that will allow the team to track the space probe in flight from the back of the vehicle, and will allow communication back to Mission Control via 2M, 40M and 80M HAM radios.

Acquiring this vehicle will allow the Space Cowboys to take their Space Program to the next level. You can follow the Space Cowboy’s work at their FACEBOOK PAGE

Ham Van
Sheriff David Doran Explains the use of emergency and law enforcement communication gear to the Space Cowboys
Ham Van
Students prepare to retrofit the HAMbulance with HAM gear

6 thoughts on “Space Cowboys Take Delivery of New HAMbulance”

  1. Paul,
    I love all of your tutorials related to Arduino and the others. I cannot thank you enough; you are truly an excellent educator. Please keep it up, if poosible.

    Best Regards,
    Craig Rotay

  2. I really enjoyed your arduino lessons with python, what is next? Perhaps making the gps data logger wireless conecting a tranmitter and receiver to get live data streaming? Use the eagle promamg to put together all your components is one small circuit, making a dashboard screen interphase so the ground control would be able to see displayed the trajectory includind altitude and other parameters on their screen monitors live? Perhaps incorporating more sensors and teaching data science related to managing all these sensor data. Please continue developing and teaching us more lessons and doing more awesome utube videos. Thank you.

    1. Yes, we have a pelco pan/tilt control head we are mounting on the roof, and we are putting a high gain antenna on it. We will be receiving data from EAGLE VI over 2.39 GHz ethernet connection. Lots of math and software to keep the rooftop antenna perfectly pointing at the probe.

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