Python With Arduino

Python Arduino

This Circuit combines the simplicity of Arduino with the Power of Python

This series of lessons shows you how to get more out of your Arduino by using it with the Python programming language.

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  1. I have a project conmig up where I will want to control a peripheral from an Arduino.Since it is similar to your launcher library ( mostly sending commands, not receiving info), I decided to start there.The board is a CircuitsAtHome 2.0 board.I’ve installed the USB library and it seems to work the mouse HID routine sends data.The USBHID_desc routine gives me a report OK.I set up your library and example program. It compiled OK.The first time I ran it, the launcher rotated right and stopped. Now it doesn’t respond at all.The missile launcher is OK, since it runs on a PC with the Thunder program.The program runs OK, I get:StartDevice RunningDevice Running in the monitor window.I have tried it both on a Duemilanove and a Mega.Thoughts on how to continue?

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